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I have a PC running Windows XP with an AMD Athlon 2 GHz chip in it and 1 GB of RAM. Does anyone know if OS X (i.e. 10.4 Tiger, for Intel-chipped Macs) can be installed on that machine? Or does the fact that I have an AMD chip and not Intel preclude me from doing this?

Thanks in advance for your opinions.


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Much to my chagrin, I ran out of hard drive space on my 100 GB MacBook Pro tonight. And then I remembered that I really had never emptied the Trash folder. I didn't even really know where it was, and Spotlight couldn't tell me, either. Then I noticed the Trash icon in the Dock, so I opened it, and then emptied it, and then... deleted over 2,000 files and freed up 14 GB of data!

Wow. So now I know what happens when you don't empty your Trash for eight months.
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What do you peeps use for managing your to-do list or for productivity or project tracking? I'm a recent PC switcher (happy 17" MBP owner) who doesn't want to use MS Outlook (or whatever the Mac equivalent is) but who needs a pretty good to-do list scheduler and tracker integrated into the calendar.

I've been experimenting with iCal, but don't find that the to-do list and scheduling functions are well enough integrated and the user interface is also inefficient and occasionally annoying. Google Calendar doesn't have nice to-do list integration, and I'd rather have one that resides locally on my hard drive rather than the web anyway (although I sure don't mind web-synching between two computers or just plain live web versions of my calendar and to-do list).

Your faves and recommendations are much appreciated. Along with a quick poll on what peoples' fave LJ client is for the Mac. I've been using XJournal and liking it a fair bit, although there are a few small bugs that could use some attention. Does anyone know of a Mac client that's as good as Semagic is for Windows?

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This is my first post on LJ using my new Mac laptop, which was waiting for me upon our arrival in Calgary a week and a half ago. I'm using the Xjournal client right now, but only because it was high on a Google search. Are there any Mac users reading this right now? Which clients do you use?

I'm also looking for a good text and HTML editor for the Mac; something that allows for some HTML shorthand (macros, I guess? and ideally, pre-programmed yet also customizable). And what's the most popular (and fastest) FTP client for Macs? I downloaded Fetch, and it seems fine. But I always dug using LeechFTP for the PC, since it supports multi-threaded downloading and uploading for faster transfer speeds.

Anyway, I've been using this machine for about a week now, and I can honestly say that I can't ever see myself going back to a PC anytime soon. In one week, I've made a comfortable switch for most of my most common computer uses and I'm more pleased with the results on this Mac by FAR. The major highlights so far:

-- Boots up in well under 30 seconds, shuts down in under 5, goes to sleep and wakes up instantly by closing and opening the display.
-- Applications are installed simply by dragging the program icon into your applications folder. There's no actual installation process, and you never have to reboot your machine after installing anything!
-- Light sensor automatically backlights the keyboard and adjusts screen brightness in low light situations
-- Garage Band: Are they serious? This is a very high-functioning music production app that came preinstalled on the machine. Supports multi-track recording, mixing, effects and mastering, with a wide range of onboard MIDI sounds. Amazing.
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I still haven't made the full-on jump into the Mac world yet (if I knew more about the new MacBook Pro laptop just released, I wouldn't be so reticent to switch), but one of the primary considerations for me has to do with keyboard usability. That is to say, I'm a huge keystroke junkie on the PC, and especially when editing text, I very seldom have to make my fingers depart from the keyboard to grab the mouse.

In the Mac world, that's clearly not the way things were designed. I believe that the original masters of the Graphical User Interface (i.e. the GUI) of Apple's OS meant for the keyboard to function as a text entry tool (granted, with several command options available) and for the mouse to work as an application launcher and all-round user assistant. (As I recall from my faint Apple history, Steve Jobs fought hard to keep a single-button mouse design in the original Apple computers; everyone else wanted 2, 3, or more buttons for 'increased usability', but Jobs insisted that the best usability experience was the most streamlined one possible.)

As I continue my pre-purchase research on Macs and Mac issues, one of the things I watch for the most is power user hints. In that spirit, I'm posting a link for future reference to these Mac keyboard shortcuts (plus the Google search results for same), along with a link to this review on Macworld about Quicksilver, the (seems like) excellent keyboard-driven application launcher for the Mac. This "desert isle" question about the most critical apps to have on your Mac is also worth keeping for future reference.

If any other Mac users out there have usability hints, user groups, or other web resources to refer to me, DO NOT hesitate to tell me about them, will you? After reading Macworld's early impressions of the new Intel-based Mac notebook, I'm no longer as scared to wait for a bit and maybe try getting one of those machines. I don't want to wait much longer than a couple more months or so to buy a laptop, but I also don't want to miss out on what sounds like will be a great machine. (Especially once all the native apps become available, hopefully with the next year or so.)


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