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A very compelling animation about the research on motivating good behaviour with rewards and on disincentivizing bad behaviour. The content of the video is excellent, but the animated drawings that lay it out are totally engaging to me.

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For the second time in as many weeks, I had bad insomnia last night and couldn't go to sleep until almost 4 AM. This is an experience that is rare to the point of near obscurity for me, and after laying in bed for 90 minutes and still feeling like it was 2 in the afternoon, I went downstairs to the computer, read for awhile, then starting surfing Google Video for racing footage. I found LOTS.

The first time I did this was last September, so I can console myself with the knowledge that I'm not wasting a lot of time on it. But the proceeds of my search are below. And take note that these are the best of my search -- I probably viewed a hundred or more videos throughout the night.

Speed bike at the Nurburgring
Different experience than in a car. Cornering speeds are much higher and more exciting, and this bike has a digital speedometer that seems to be in km/h and not mph, but sometimes I'm not sure.

Reversing a rolled-over Porsche 911 on the Nurburgring
A sad sight: requiring a tow truck to slowly right an highly-modified upside-down Porsche 911 next to the track.

The wipeout that led up to this
I found this video much later: it's the actual wipeout that required the tow truck to right the Porsche.

A terrible, flaming crash

Another audacious crash, with air

In-car commentary plus a roll
A unique in-car view of a rollover, with some choice words from the driver after full stop.

Crashes in a Russian tunnel       
A long series of ridiculous and crazy crashes inside an underwater tunnel in Russia -- all taken by a CC camera.

Ridiculous, long rally crash footage
Ridiculous as in good, but a long video to watch, this is a Japanese montage of dozens of spectacular rally car driving moments and lots of incredible spills and rollovers. It's astounding how much abuse rally cars can take and still keep driving.

Car Crash Kings Part 1
Self-explanatory, but good.

Car Crash Kings Part 2
More of the same goodness.

Insane downhill cycling race
This has to be seen to be believed, but be forewarned that there's a slightly nauseating crash partway through when the rider's front end falls apart on his bike. These downhillers ride full-suspension mountain bikes down a 45-degree slope and reach speeds of up to 172 kph!!!

That famous Plug-N-Play blue screen of death video (Win98)
I thought this story was urban legend, but this is a short clip demonstrating how Windows 98's famous "Plug And Pray" technology crashed when Bill Gates was unveiling it at a tradeshow.

SCARY crash montage

BMX roof crash
Some whackjob tries to ride a BMX up a ramp to land on the roof of a house and... fails.

The corniest rap video EVAR
I'm pretty sure these dudes are taking themselves seriously, but it's impossible to take them seriously as a viewer. Yikes.

Wild car chase in Houston
Texas Highway Patrol versus BMW M Series -- the Beamer lasts almost forever!

The unstoppable one
This guy goes on forever...
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I've just found a substitute for racing games. It's watching in-car videos of racing, courtesy of Google's video search engine. Here are some of the highlights I've found, most of which made my palms sweat within seconds.

Motorcycle vs rush-hour traffic
There's not much to say about this except that this guy is nuts. And very exciting to watch.

Tuned Toyota Supra in pursuit of a Porsche 911 GT2
This one is wild -- they routinely drive at speeds of more than 160 mph, and the clip ends when the Supra driver exits the interstate after spotting a police helicopter following them overhead.

Intense rally-car action in a Peugeot
This driver is fantastic; I can't believe how hard he pushes this little car, and his technique is flawless.

911 GT3 drifts
Gorgeous drifts and in-car views of the race-ready stock Porsche that doesn't offer traction control as a factory option.

911 GT3 on the Nurburgring
A ferocious full circuit of one of Germany's most legendary road race courses (apart from the Autobahn, of course)

911 GT3 at Nordschleife
Another circuit in a GT3 at another of Germany's famed courses, but this driver is a monster, and drives exactly the way I'd want to if I had that car.

Rally-car highlights
Some truly amazing rally-car race footage + some incredible spills and rolls

Evo drift
Nice hard drift in Mitsubishi's fastest sport compact

Rally-car racing
Excellent driving on a dirt course that includes the navigator's instructions (the navigator's the passenger in all rally-car events, and he calls out the degree and direction of each upcoming curve -- a critical component to every rally race)

From the Gumball, I think
The Gumball is a modern-day version of the Cannonball Run, and this footage shows police evasions and more in this high-speed cross-country race

Stock car racing, in-car
Good in-car footage of a stock car race

Motorcycle road race in Germany
Beautiful banks and accelerations in this clip

911 C4 on a skidpad
Some nice technical work around the pylons by driver Terry Riedel in a 4WD Porsche 911 Carrera 4

How to kill a Porsche 911
Sacrilige to me and also hard to watch, but still entertaining in the end

Motorcycle track racing
Miscellaneous footage on the track

Rally-car technique
In-car footage of US rally champion Leon Styles' driving technique -- fun to watch

Brett Wolfe, mountain biker
Brett Wolfe is a one-legged mountain bike racer who has completed La Ruta de los Conquistadores twice: a 300-mile, 24,000-foot climb mountain bike race in Costa Rica.


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