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This article describes how a MA carpenter got the highest scrabble score ever, of 830 points. Incredible. Prior to this game, the world record for highest score was 770. I think my best score ever is in the 330 range, so I can't even conceive of reaching a score that high. Or of getting dealt the letters for the bingo word "jousted" on my first damn turn. Or of scoring 365 points for one word, "quixotry."

whole game board
game board here

(via the grossly addictive popurls.com)


Jan. 13th, 2006 01:53 pm
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Oh, dear. Look out, time:


To save time, try typing your words instead. It's kind of like Boggle, but more fast-paced.

My first high score was 13,000 even, but my all-time high score is 35,040:

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Disclaimer: I attained these scores with this even MORE addictive modified version of the game:

Smack the Penguin (on Steroids)

You can also read about the game's history (and get tips for improving your score) here.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fickleasever, I think it was, I've just reacquainted myself with this most excellent, ridiculously addictive winter game called Smack The Penguin. The position at which the penguin is situated in his cliff dive in the following picture corresponds roughly to the point at which I click the mouse to make the Abominable Snowman swing his bat.

Smack the Penguin

my best recorded distance: 319.3

my best recorded popfly distance: 204.2

I swear I'm not taking the game too seriously, though. Honest. I've only played it for like 20 minutes tonight.



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