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Hello folks,

I've just finished compiling the fifth Nonduality Highlights Podcast for your listening pleasure. In this episode, I've included some excellent quotations from Ramesh Balskekar (disciple of Nisargadatta), Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta himself, and an excerpt from an interview with Eckhart Tolle which I recently blogged about regarding the conflict in the Middle East.

Today's musical selection is a rendition of Santa Claus is Coming to Town featuring the great jazz and blues tenor saxophonist, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis. In my humble opinion (ahem), I think that my own sound on the jazz tenor sax is reminiscent of Lockjaw Davis -- but I come by it honestly, because I've loved his playing since I was a teenager and I've long considered him to be an influence on my playing, especially in terms of that warm, throaty sound he has.

I hope you all have a chance to listen to today's podcast. It's about 16 minutes long and under 10 MB in size. And the readings included are very good.


Thank you!


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Hi everyone,

I've just posted the third Nonduality Highlights Podcast online. It's about 24 MB in size and nearly 21 minutes long. You can listen or download here:


This issue features a concise overview of the Buddhist teachings on The Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path. I've also included a few quotations about nonduality selected by Mark Otter and Gloria Lee, along with a pair of selections from David M. Davis' Advaita poems.

These podcasts aren't really full-blown radio shows yet, although I have some good plans for them in my imagination. Not many successful examples of podcasts or radio shows about nonduality have really been attempted, though. Probably the best one to date has been Cameron Reilly's The Advaita Show (see website), which began by focusing on Q&A sessions with Sailor Bob Adamson, and then gradually morphed into a more organized style of radio show, if you could call it that, co-hosted by the audacious Steve Witt from California.

One of the most powerful ones they've done so far has been with listener Corey Vance in Episode #32. In this episode, Cameron and Steve interview a listener who thinks he's "got" nonduality from an intellectual perspective, but stubbornly claims not to "feel" it, whatever that means. Cam and Steve work hard at breaking down the framework that's still holding up Corey's intellectual understanding of Advaita, and in listening to the exchange between the three of them, I found most (if not all?) of the barriers within my own apparent understanding starting to fall away, too. I highly recommend listening to this episode. Time permitting, I'd like to transcribe the relevant portions for people to appreciate.


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I've just installed my second podcast on ulisten.net. The audio blog entry is here, and the actual podcast itself is here. Text of the entry is below.

James Brown - Star Time

ulisten.net podcast #2 (download MP3)

Today's podcast features a very little-known version of one of James Brown's biggest hits: I Got You. This version is notable for its smoother, more easygoing groove than the hit record, and it also features the baritone sax and the organ more prominently than the popular version. It comes from the great 4-CD retrospective box set of James Brown's music called Star Time, which was originally released in 1991. Containing almost no bad tracks, this box set is absolutely worth owning if you're even a lukewarm James Brown fan.

Artist Name: James Brown
Album Title: Star Time (4-CD box set)

You can buy the recording at: cd universe | amazon.ca | amazon.com | itunes store | itunes website (search for "james brown star time")
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I built this site nearly a year ago now, but have only now produced my first podcast for the site. It features a Jaco Pastorius track called Come On, Come Over that I've already presented here before. But the podcast has a bunch of my speaking on it, too.

The download page and description of the track is at this page:

A direct link to the podcast itself in MP3 format (4.5 MB) is:

I contemplated a naming structure of just 001.mp3 for the filenames, but I thought if anyone (like I often do) downloaded the MP3 file itself to listen to this, then they might appreciate a naming convention that's more logical. Even though the ID3 tags are populated.

I'll try to keep releasing one new track each week, and then once I have a critical mass of tracks on there, I'll start promoting the site more widely. But please feel free to send the link to anyone you know who might dig that track, please.



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